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No matter how old you are or what kind of foot and ankle care you need, you’ll find it at Dr. Harmelin's Foot & Ankle Center in Somers Point, NJ. Drawing on three decades of podiatry experience, training and skills, our podiatrist, Jay Harmelin, DPM, can help you or a family member with virtually any disease, condition or injury that affects your feet and ankles. Dr. Harmelin is also a board certified surgeon should any surgical correction be needed.

Conservative in his approach, Dr. Harmelin will treat your problem using nonsurgical procedures whenever possible. However, when surgery is the best solution, you can rely on his skills and experience to get you back on your feet. He uses the SMART TOE implant for correction of hammertoes and has reduced recovery time for those suffering with Morton's neuromas. See Surgical Solutions for more on these two surgeries.

Podiatry doctor Jay M. Harmelin provides specialized care for many foot conditions, including:
• Arthritis in feet
• Ankle and foot pain
• Corns on feet
• Fallen arches
• Hammertoes
• Heel spurs
• Neuromas of the foot

Dr. Harmelin serves the communities of Somers Point, Linwood, Northfield and Egg Harbor Township in Atlantic County, NJ, and Ocean City in Cape May County (near Upper Township).

The podiatric medical care Dr. Harmelin provides includes:
• Treatment for ankle sprains
• Bunion surgery
• Diabetic foot care
• Treatment for gout
• Foot orthotics
• Plantar fasciitis treatment
• Tendinitis treatment
• Treatment for ingrown toenails
• Toenail fungus treatment
• Plantar wart removal

Dr. Harmelin's Foot & Ankle Center offers comprehensive ankle and foot pain treatment for people in all walks of life. For more information about our podiatry treatments and comprehensive services, call us at 609-904-5988 or use our online appointment form.

Our Services

Foot and heel pain

Diabetic foot care



Corns and calluses

Achilles problems

Ankle pain


Arthritis in feet

Heel spurs

Sports injuries

Sprains and strains

Overuse injuries

Ingrown toenails

Fungus toenails

Neuromas of foot



Fallen arches

Foot care